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CDC Funding for ZioShield Technology Enables Advanced Research in Antiviral Fabric Utilization

CDC Funding for ZioShield Technology Enables Advanced Research in Antiviral Fabric Utilization

In March of 2021, the CDC finalized a contract with Claros Technologies to scale up the production and R&D for antiviral ZioShield technology. The first versions of the LOG3Mask containing ZioShield have been shown to be successful at drastically improving the durability and efficacy of antiviral properties contained in textiles. The CDC support will allow continued research and development of new applications and improvements for enabling masks with self-disinfecting technology. Recent lab tests have confirmed that the ZioShield technology has the ability to eliminate 6 Log (99.9999%) of bacteria on the materials it is applied to and 3 Log (99.9%) of viral particles within 10 minutes.

Up until the ZioShield technology was made commercially available, many of the antimicrobial solutions utilized materials that were coated onto fabrics, including toxic metals like silver, and are applied using dip coating or electrostatic spraying. The problem with that process is that it only coats the surface and is washed away in less than 30 washes. The reason that the ZioShield technology has been so revolutionary in antimicrobial protection is that the particles are grown within the fabric and are shown to remain active after over 100 washes. 

The Center for Disease Control has strong interest in improving the capability of the current solutions for high filtration masks, such as the N95, and a desire to add durable self-disinfecting and antiviral properties to enable users to reuse what would previously be a disposable mask. 

What was once seen as an unlikely option, the development of ZioShield technology by Claros is expanding the opportunity for new sustainable products in the PPE market. Surgical masks and gowns have always been seen as disposable due to the limited availability of disinfecting technology. Given the efficacy and durability of the ZioShield technology, we believe the utilization of the antiviral and antibacterial properties in settings that go well beyond masks will support the healthcare, food safety, and airborne filtration markets.  Specifically for the healthcare industry, this has a huge implication for costly Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) that the CDC estimated at costing the US healthcare system $30B annually. 

Stay tuned to updates from Claros Technologies and as we continue to pioneer advancements in functional textiles and create measurable improvements by following our mission statement of solving problems without creating new ones.
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