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      There are many factors that contribute a decision in what makes the best mask for you. Often the primary aspects are comparing "breathability" to filtration efficiency, and how the masks fit. We can give guidance on breathability, but its harder to suggest a fit due the different sizes of faces that will be wearing the mask. 




      FIT Very Good

      (lacks nose-bridge)

      FLOW Very Good Excellent Very Good
      PFE Excellent Average Excellent
      TECH ZioShield ZioShield ZioShield
      PRICE $32 $25 $20
      USE Travel, Meetings, Commute, crowded environments  Sports, Outdoor activities, low-risk environments   Everyday use
      SIZE 8" W x 5.25" H 8" W x 5" H

      (L) 7" W x 6" H
      (S) 6" W x 6" H