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Our Technology

We’ve sweated the details in Smart Apparel

ZioWear’s ZioFresh™ technology is a smarter solution for performance apparel

  • Eliminates bacteria and odors.
  • Wicks moisture and cools.
  • Protection that doesn’t wash out. 


ZioFresh embeds textiles with technologies at the molecular level, that are proven 99.9999% effective at killing bacteria, destroying disease and eliminating odor causing microbes. Plus, it’s proven to last more than 100 washes! ZioFresh is also environmentally responsible because it doesn’t rely on toxins that traditional methods use.

ZioWear Performance Highlights

Where other products fail

Consumers demand that their performance apparel keep them dry, cool and offer anti-odor benefits. But most solutions either degrade or fail after several washings. This has left customers skeptical and disappointed. That’s why we embed our apparel with technology that is highly effective for over 100 washes.

You don’t have to take our word for it. All Claros Technologies products and processes undergo robust research, safety testing, and third-party validation by the likes of the University of Minnesota, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and independent private labs. 

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